Bolen Robinson & Ellis, LLP is a unique, full service law firm, that utilizes the work ethic and character of our small town beginnings to achieve exceptional results for our clients both on a national and local level. At times pragmatic and at other times thinking outside of the box, we bring an outlook to the practice of law that sets us apart from our peers. At BRE Law, we stand behind our record and believe that our success speaks for itself.
Bolen Robinson & Ellis, LLP is a litigation law firm. Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in high stakes, complex litigation in Central Illinois and throughout the country, our attorneys have a proven track record of success. And, unlike the majority of our peers, we have bucked the misconception that for a practice to be successful its lawyers must always litigate on one side of the aisle or the other. Instead, on a daily basis, we use the unique knowledge we have gained prosecuting and defending cases to achieve intended results for our clients.

Trying to navigate through many of life’s challenging and difficult times can be a daunting task. Whether going through a divorce, dealing with custody issues, adopting a child, looking for a surrogate, or any of the other life events that fall under the category of “family law”, we are here to help. At Bolen, Robinson & Ellis, we are known for compassionately yet aggressively representing our clients in some of the most difficult, and rewarding, life situations. Our practice is not limited to only dissolutions of marriage and related issues.

At BRE Law you not only receive the attention of our attorneys, but also the benefit of our highly trained and experienced staff. Our paralegals and legal assistants serve as the backbone of our firm. They stand ready and able to assist our clients with any need that may arise.